Everyday Cowl

     We all need that one cowl that’s perfect for everyday wear, whether it’s just going for a walk outside or you need a little extra warmth under a heavier jacket. I designed this cowl just for that. I used the same yarn that both the Perfect Scarfette and the Perfect Headband were designed with, so it’s just as warm! Of course, I wrote the pattern down for you all to enjoy! However, I do not have a picture of the Everyday Cowl at the moment, but when I take one, I’ll be sure to upload it for you all to see!

*Size G crochet hook
*A wool type yarn

Special Stitch:
V-stitch: dc, chain 1, dc in same chain or space
Chain 115. 
Row 1 (RS):  Dc in 5th chain from hook (counts as first dc, ch 1, dc), skip 2 stitches, *(dc, ch 1, dc) in next stitch, repeat from * to * across until the last two stitches, skip 1, dc in last stitch.
Row 2 (WS): Chain 3, *V-st in the V-st of the previous row, V-st in next V-st* across, skip one dc, dc in last stitch.
Repeat Row 2 until you have your desired length. Fasten off, sew one end of the cowl to the other, and weave in all ends.

***If you intend on using this pattern, please do not sell the pattern. You may sell the actual finished product, just not the pattern. Also, please do not say the pattern is your own. Link back to my blog and give credit where credit is due.


About Ashley

I'm seventeen, and a senior in high school. This is my blog of my crafting I do in my spare time.
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