About Me

Hello everyone!

I’m a seventeen year old senior in high school. I absolutely adore crocheting and knitting. I’ve been doing both for quiet some time – since I was twelve I believe. However, I think I’ve started knitting first, seeing as how that was the first thing I remember doing. I like to think of myself as a deep thinker. I like taking an idea and morphing it into my own. This blog is something where I can post my usual day to day crocheting/knitting adventures. I’ll post every pattern that I make, unless it’s something from a book/booklet/online website/label. I always give credit where credit is due, as you all should with my patterns. Amongst knitting and crocheting, I like cross-stitching, sewing, painting, drawing, and basically everything that expresses creativity. I appreciate every kind of art. I see it as someone trying to tell their story, or a story. I see it as a way to express creativity. I see it as a way for someone to vent. I see it as my life.


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